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  • Software Solution Development
  • This service is useful for clients who want to solve their problem using software solutions. Software solutions eliminate manual intervention and make system mistake-proof. It provides systematic approach to solve the problems.
  • Website Designing and Development
  • This service is useful for clients who are running their business but want to make their global presence. It helps them to increase their business and to make their presence in the market.
  • Process Improvement
  • This service is useful for clients who are having processes implemented in their organizations but these processes are providing the desired output. Using 7 QC tools, Lean Six Sigma and other methodologies we suggest the best process which should be implemented to improve their business and to be the best among their competitors.
  • Staff Augmentation
  • This service is for clients who are expanding their business and need right talents in their organizations who can help them to become successful. We are providing resources with required generic skills (communication skills, presentation skill etc) and required technical skills (Domain Knowledge, Technical Knowledge etc).
  • Database Development
  • This service is useful for clients who want to develop their database. It help them to maintain their information in systematic way and help them to take decisions on the basis of this information.
  • Independent Testing Services
  • This service is to provide independent testing service facility to clients so that they can get certified their software applications certified by a systematic testing processes.
  • Resume Building
  • This service helps professional to make their resume in such a way that it can get selected by the employers and can reflect their key skills in much effective manner. Resume verification is also done in this service to make sure that there should not be any negative impact of wrong information in resume.
  • GD/PI Preparation
  • This service to prepare professionals for GD/PI. Experienced professionals and faculty provides their suggestions to aspirants so that they can perform well in their GD/PI.
  • Online test series for IT Courses
  • This service provides multiple choice objective questions for multiple IT courses. It helps professional and students to test their technical skills and also to employer to test the technical skills of the candidates.
  • Aptitude and logical reasoning Preparation
  • This service to prepare professionals for aptitude and logical reasoning. Experienced professionals and faculty provides their suggestions to aspirants so that they can perform well in their aptitude and logical reasoning.




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