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Welocome To SparkEdge Training and Consultancy :

Business world is changing rapidly on day to day basis. Economic volatility and the constantly uncertainty needs of modern industries can provide exciting and challenging opportunities for qualified graduates. SparkEdge is dedicated to assist employers and graduates in the evolving job market.  SparkEdge’s innovative approach of training helps graduates gain the skills and self-confidence needed to be successful.

SparkEdge is incorporated with the vision of providing right talent at right place to employers as per their required skills. We make it possible either by providing required industry driven educational services to candidates or screening the best possible candidatures for open positions. Our aim is to provide the best trained resources to organizations as per industry specific requirements.

We work as a bridge between employers and resources with a belief that a right talent can produce spark that help organizations in their organic as well as inorganic growth.

Why SparkEdge :

SparkEdge strongly believe that when passion and skill work together, the end result is a masterpiece. Our Organization urge that everyone should make his passion his work and then there will be no workload.. In SparkEdge we work on the principal that a trained resource with requisite skills and passion can bring spark in organization that helps organization as well as resource to grow exceptionally.

To meet the needs of a diverse community of learners, SparkEdge provides trainings that balance technical, professional, and critical thinking components. We focus on individual employer and resource so that both can get best possible match. Every individual has his own challenges and a generic solution helps to understand the generic challenges. As per the employer’s requisite, we train our resources before hand in a way that they can meet the expectation of employers.

SparkEdge has team of people having rich experience across industries. We have people from IT, non-IT, BPM and consultancy industries. These combinations make us unique in the market. We are committed with our clients to provide the best talents to them.

How we deliver:

We consider each employer’s requirement individually and dedicated team work on the same to provide required trained profiles for their consideration.




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Purpose & scope To deliver induction and up-skilling courses to staff within the Operations Department. Delivering systems, process, soft skill and technical training to Operational Staff.

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